OpenTelemetry for Developers
GOTO Amsterdam 2024

OpenTelemetry for Developers

Monday Jun 10
09:00 –
695.00 EUR

You've heard the new buzzwords of "Observability", "OpenTelemetry", "Tracing", "Logging", "Metrics", and all the others, but still not sure how to practically use them in your applications to help debug issues? This is the masterclass you need.

In this masterclass you'll get your hands on experience using OpenTelemetry in an application you create. You'll be adding the libraries in the applications to get some out of the box information, along with adding different types of manual instrumentation to get domain specific insights.

You'll come out of this masterclass understanding:

  • What Observability is and is not
  • Where OpenTelemetry fits in
  • How to implement OpenTelemetry in your language of choice
  • What the OpenTelemetry Collector is, when to use it, and how to use it
  • What commercial Observability Products bring to the table

All of this will be done with OpenSource tools.

This is a hands on session and the attendees will need access to a laptop with their desired programming environment already setup.