From EventStorming to Software Architecture
GOTO Amsterdam 2024

From EventStorming to Software Architecture

Monday Jun 10
09:00 –
695.00 EUR

Workshop Objectives

This hands-on masterclass provides a toolbox for mapping out your business processes and journeys and using them to design a loosely coupled software architecture optimized for your business domain and adaptive to future changes. The workshop is a mix of hands-on activities, group discussions, and small theoretical sections.


Covers the following topics in this order:

  • How to map out a business domain collaboratively with Big Picture EventStorming
  • How to use an EventStorm to identify subdomains/bounded contexts which are the starting point for subsystems in your software architecture (e.g. microservice or module)
  • How to model future-state processes with process modelling EventStorming
  • How to validate and evolve architecture boundaries and design the interfaces and integrations between modules with domain message flow modelling

Target Audience

  • Software developers
  • Software Architects
  • Managers


  • Design loosely coupled software architecture (either microservice- or monolith-based),
  • Does not require knowledge of any specific technologies,
  • The techniques and principles apply to whatever tech stack you use.

What should I bring?

Some of the workshop activities will be done with sticky notes on the wall. However, some activities will require access to a digital Miro board. So a laptop or iPad with access to the Miro app (or browser app) is required. This workshop doesn’t cover tactical domain-driven design so there is no need for an IDE or development environment.