Full Stack Kotlin Application Development
GOTO Amsterdam 2024

Full Stack Kotlin Application Development

Monday Jun 10
09:00 –
Derkinderen kamer
695.00 EUR

Using Kotlin you can build Enterprise Applications from ‘soup to nuts’ without duplication or redundancy. On the server side you can create services in frameworks like Ktor, Http4k, and Spring. These can be deployed to the Cloud, using libraries like SQLDelight and Exposed to access databases.

On the client slide you can use Kotlin Multiplatform to build rich clients on Android, iOS, and desktop that share data and logic with the server. These clients can either integrate with the native UI library on the target platform (such as SwiftUI), or use Compose Multiplatform to create a single rich UI that offers the same experience across platforms. At every level there is an ecosystem of libraries for validation, testing, dependency injection etc… that you can rely on to speed up and simplify your development.

In this workshop we will build a sample system using frameworks including Kotlin Multiplatform, Ktor, Exposed, Kotest and Koin. Along the way we will see how to make best use of the IDE (including the AI Assistant), how to manage continuous integration and how to effectively blend cross-platform code and native functionality.

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Create projects that contain multiple services and clients.
  • Build services in Ktor and clients for iOS, Android and desktop.
  • Share code and logic across all the layers of your architecture.
  • Make use of key Kotlin Multiplatform libraries and frameworks.
  • Build RESTful APIs, and consume them efficiently from clients.
  • Integrate your common code with native functionality in Swift.
  • Boost productivity by making full use of IntelliJ IDEA and/or Fleet.