Microservice Communication
GOTO Amsterdam 2024

Microservice Communication

Monday Jun 10
09:00 –
695.00 EUR

Architecture is all about the boxes and arrows. Whilst the boxes themselves can be interesting, it’s the arrows between them that this class will focus on. How can microservices communicate with each other?

No two classes are the same, with the attendees driving the exact agenda, but expect to cover the nature of synchronous and asynchronous communication, request-response vs event-driven collaboration, and why friends don’t let friends use distributed transactions. Along the way we can talk about the merits of different types of message brokers, why Sam now thinks schemas are cool again, and how event sourcing can be incredibly confusing.

Please note, this is not a coding class, but it is highly interactive. There will be lots of discussion - computing is all about trade offs, and this is especially true in the space of microservice communication. There is no one perfect solution, but by the end of the class you’ll better understand what trade offs might be important to you.