One day Istio Masterclass
GOTO Amsterdam 2019

One day Istio Masterclass

Monday Jun 17
09:00 –
Mendes da Costa kamer
600.00 EUR

In this one day Istio workshop you will learn how to use Istio. We’ll start by explaining why the features of Kubernetes are not enough, and how Istio makes the lives of developers of micro-services easier. Then, we’ll dive into installing Istio, and explore several use cases where Istio can help. We conclude the workshop with looking how Istio can help you get observability of your system. Topics we will cover:

● Installation & Global configuration
  ○ Installing Istio on a Kubernetes cluster
  ○ Configuring envoy via automatic and manual Sidecar injection
  ○ Configure ingress
  ○ Configure egress traffic policies
● Traffic shaping
● Route requests to the appropriate services
● How to perform canary deployments
● Use Istio to increase the reliability of your applications in production
  ○ Timeouts
  ○ Circuit Breaking
  ○ Use Fault Injection, the Chaos Monkey for network connectivity
● Use traffic mirroring to test a new release of a service
● Get observability in your services
  ○ Automatic Metrics for Prometheus
  ○ Visualization
  ○ Tracing

Audience: This workshop is for everyone who wants to learn how to use Istio without prior knowledge.