Modern Mindfulness Practices for Coders and Knowledge Workers
GOTO Amsterdam 2019

Modern Mindfulness Practices for Coders and Knowledge Workers

Monday Jun 17
09:00 –
Roland Holst kamer
600.00 EUR

Is there a way to train our most basic cognitive and emotional skills? The basic skills like focus, clarity about what is important now and skills that support collaboration? These skills are the basis for all our work in an agile and complex environment and therefore improving them would give us great leverage to work better and be happier.

Modern mindfulness practices are a set of scientifically researched practices to improve on those skills. And while mindfulness practices are hundreds or even thousands of years old, it is only around 30 years ago scientists got intrigued by the cognitive skills of long term practitioners. They started scientific research into mindfulness practices, examining what works and what doesn't.

Out of that research, a modern mindfulness approach has emerged that is now taught at Google, SAP and other tech companies.

In this workshop, you will learn what modern mindfulness is, why it is useful to practice and what some of the scientific research results are.

But mostly it will be a day of practicing. We will practice in three areas:

  • How to learn to better focus on what needs to be done now
  • How to deal better with uncertainty and to better integrate emotions and thinking in decision making
  • How to be smarter and kinder in our human relationships

And while some of these practices require to explicitly make time for them in your daily life, you will also learn on-the-go practices that you can do during the day, thus easily integrating mindfulness in your daily life.