Wednesday Jun 14
10:10 –

Develop Your Development Automation


Is your work ever boring?
Programming is exciting and challenging when we’re adding features and making the computer do stuff, like serious business work. Programming is boring when we’re getting yet another service up and running and configured in CI. Adding the same methods to matching classes, again. Creating an issue, linking the PR, waiting for the build. Then there are the tasks so tedious we deny their importance and skip them, like upgrading existing services to the latest coding standards and keeping library versions up to date everywhere. What if you could replace every boring task with a few lines of carefully-considered code?

In this session, you’ll see a live demo of how I can automate coordination and code with Rug and Atomist. I can’t get you out of boring meetings, but I can help you stick to the serious business in your coding time.

live demo
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