Year-Round Masterclasses

In cooperation with our GOTO speakers, we present year-round masterclasses for our community across the globe. For both virtual and on-site classes, we’ve worked with each of our world-renowned speakers to create hands-on, interactive sessions that ensure maximum attention and engagement. Each class is packed with:

  • Presentations
  • Class discussions
  • Social breaks
  • Small group exercises held in breakout rooms
  • Homework and training material
  • In-depth Q&As
Trainer Masterclass Scheduled date
Joris Kuipers VIRTUAL: Core Spring May 25-28, 2021
Mike Amundsen VIRTUAL: Designing APIs June 21-22, 2021
Dave Farley VIRTUAL: Advanced Deployment Pipeline Techniques July 20-21, 2021
Joris Kuipers VIRTUAL: Core Spring July 13-16, 2021
Sam Newman VIRTUAL: Designing Microservices September 15-17, 2021
Adam Tornhill Corry VIRTUAL: Code as a Crime Scene September 29, 2021
Aino Vonge Corry ON-SITE Amsterdam: Advanced Retrospective Facilitation Jun.15, 2021
Dave Farley ON-SITE Amsterdam: Advanced Deployment Pipeline Techniques Jun.15, 2021
Em Grasmeder & Emily Gorcenski ON-SITE Amsterdam: Continuous Intelligence: Data Science, Hypothesis Driven Development, and Continuous Delivery Jun.15, 2021
Martin Thompson ON-SITE Amsterdam: High-Performance Messaging & Services with Aeron Jun.15, 2021
Channing Benson & Dave Karow ON-SITE Amsterdam: Progressive Delivery Using Feature Flags: Hands-On With the Feature Delivery Platform Jun.15, 2021
Fabio Pereira ON-SITE Amsterdam: #DigitalNudge - The Hidden Forces that Shape our Digital Decisions Jun.15, 2021
Eamonn Boyle & Garth Gilmour ON-SITE Amsterdam: Creating a Microservices Architecture with Kotlin, Ktor and Event Streams Jun.15, 2021
James Ward & Ray Tsang ON-SITE Amsterdam: Spring Boot practices on Kubernetes, and Google Cloud Platform Jun.15, 2020
Jörg Müller ON-SITE Amsterdam: Service Mesh - a Practical Introduction to the Smart Network for Microservices Jun.15, 2021
Peter Elger ON-SITE Amsterdam: AI as a Service - the fast track to AI with serverless Jun.15, 2021
Roy Osherove ON-SITE Amsterdam: Elastic, Agile and Adaptive Leadership for Technical Leaders Jun.15, 2021
Oleh Dokuka ON-SITE Amsterdam: Reactive Programming Jun.21-23, 2021
Simon Brown ON-SITE Amsterdam: Software Architecture for Developers Oct 21-22, 2021

Please note: Participants are asked not to record masterclass sessions. This is to protect the value of the trainer’s lessons, to protect the privacy of other attendees, and because some attendees may be hesitant to speak up or speak freely if they know someone is recording. You will receive a copy of the slides at the end, so we hope this can serve a similar purpose!