GOTO Amsterdam 2021

Monday Dec 6
09:00 –

AI as a Service - the Fast Track to AI with Serverless

Masterclass Abstract
Until recently, getting affective business results with AI and Machine learning required a team of experts and a deep knowledge of the many statistical and neural network based approaches. Lately, we have seen rapid commoditization of AI and Machine Learning resulting in a growing range of cloud native AI services. Accessing the power of AI and machine learning is now just an API call away. Focusing on the AWS cloud and Javascript, this masterclass will be based on my book AI as a Service, published by Manning.

We will begin by exploring some simple API calls for image recognition and text analysis to gain familiarity with some of the underlying concepts and services before moving on to build two full systems as follows:

  • A serverless cat detection system. The internet runs on cat pictures! In this example we will examine and deploy a system to scrape images from the web and feed them into an image recognition service, rendering the results to a front end.

  • Social CRM. In this more advanced example we will build an AI enabled data processing pipeline that will analyze and classify product feedback data. This system will combine language translation, sentiment analysis and will also involve training a custom classifier.

This class will use the AWS cloud, so attendees should have access to an AWS account for experimentation and should also bring their own laptop. All of the code examples are built in Javascript / Node.js and the class makes heavy use of the serverless framework. Some knowledge of the AWS cloud and serverless concepts in general would be advantageous.

Who will benefit
Architects and developers who are looking to gain a better understanding of the range and capability of cloud native AI services and serverless architectures and tools in general.

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