Wednesday Jun 20
10:50 –

Innovation at ABN AMRO - Debunking Banking Myths


ABN AMRO has brought 5 of their best speakers to take you through an innovation story, where they will bring down the myths that still surround banking and big corporates.

Mozes Rahangmetan: New Cool Tech - Streaming Technlogy, Docker, Microservices, GRPC and for team-independent CI&CD

Laurens Hamerlinck: Innovation in finance – reframing banking and beyond
Financial services is changing at lightning pace. Exponential technologies like distributed ledger technology and artificial intelligence have the potential to reshape banking as we know it today. At ABN AMRO we embrace change and actively research the gamechangers that drive finance into the next future paradigm. This keynote will give you insight into how ABN AMRO delivers innovation, the key topics we work on, and our vision on the future of financial services.

Jean Paul van Deursen: The ABN AMRO Cloud strategy
The ABN AMRO Cloud strategy includes Public Cloud adoption as a crucial element to give us a competitive advantage in digital transformation. We have more than 50 solutions approved for running on either AWS or Azure in the 1st half of 2018. A couple of these solutions will be highlighted.

Maarten Spit: APIs and Digital Ecosystems
Business Models based on platforms and digital eco-systems are evolving rapidly and will soon be the new normal. The emerging role of API's drive these innovations and the role of banks will inevitable change. ABN AMRO is investing a lot in API's and Digital Platforms to enable the business models of tomorrow.

Abdullah Al Masabe: Real People – Reboot program
The story of Abdullah. How he had to flee Jemen and became an Development Engineer at ABN AMRO.