This Year We Are Proud to Present Some Amazing Speakers
Abdullah Al Masabe
Development Engineer - IT Solutions at ABN AMRO
Albert Gorski
Lead back-end Developer at mobile.de
Alberto Brandolini
Creator of EventStorming
Allard Buijze
Creator of Axon Framework
Allen Day
Developer Advocate at Google
Andre Duis
Domain Architect (Cloud Platform) & Product Owner Deployment at Metro Systems
Anjalie Nawaratne
Chief Business Architect at SpringerNature
Ben Darnell
Co-Founder & CTO of Cockroach Labs
Bhagyashri Sarbhukan
DevOps Engineer at Irdeto
Boaz Ziniman
Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services
Brendan Burns
Co-founder of Kubernetes & Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft
Cees van Wijk
IT Specialist at Global ING Blockchain Team
Chris Corriere
Sociotechnological Mathematician at Large
Chris Matts
Transformation Lead at Emergent Behaviour
Christof Leng
Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Google
Damiaan Zwietering
Data Science Developer Advocate at IBM
Erwin de Gier
Building bleeding-edge crypto platform WeAreBlox at Trifork
Felipe Ryan
Solution Engineer at Heroku
Frank Buschmann
Senior Principal Engineer at Siemens
Frans van Buul
Evangelist at AxonIQ
Gitte Klitgaard
Agile Addict & Believer in Altruistic Reciprocity
Graham Brooks
Coding Architect, Coach, Manager & Change Agent at ThoughtWorks
Hadi Hariri
Kotlin Expert at JetBrains
Heinz Kabutz
Author of The Java Specialists' Newsletter, Java Programmer, Java Champion, Instructor of advanced Java courses
Ian Crosby
Senior Engineer at Container Solutions
James Maggs
VP at SpringerNature Digital
Jamie Dobson
CEO of Container Solutions
Jan-Jaap Oosterwijk
Technical Evangelist at Irdeto
Jana Petkanic
Blockchain Consultant, Co-Founder of BlockchainTalks.io
Jason Smith
Senior Engineer at Container Solutions
Jean Paul van Deursen
IT Wizard at ABN AMRO
Jeroen van Megchelen
CEO at LedgerLeopard
Johan Janssen
Java Architect & Trainer at Info Support
Julien Simon
Principal AI Evangelist at Amazon
Katherine Kirk
Independent Consultant - Transformation in Tech
Keith Adams
Chief Architect at Slack
Kolton Andrus
Co-founder and CEO of Gremlin
Kristian Løken Wille
Expert in security, web development, real-time positioning systems, mobile platforms and children's toys
Laurens Hamerlinck
Innovation Manager at ABN AMRO Group Innovation
Leif Nixon
Established, International IoT Hacker sharing scary Experiences
Liz Rice
Technology Evangelist with Aqua Security
Maarten Spit
Head of Enterprise Integration & Open Banking at ABN AMRO
Mark Heckler
Pivotal Principal Technologist & Developer Advocate, conference speaker, published author, & Java Champion
Markus Völter
Language Engineer
Martin Gravråk
Software developer at Bouvet (Norway)
Michael Nygard
Innovative Technology Leader at Cognitect
Mozes Rahangmetan
Solution Architect, AWS Certified Solution Architect at ABN AMRO
Olivier Rikken
Blockchain & Smart Contract Expert at Axveco
Paige Bailey
Sr. Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft
Phil Winder
Machine Learning whiz and Advocate for DataDevOps
Phil Zimmermann
Creator of Pretty Good Privacy
Randy Shoup
VP Engineering at WeWork
Rebecca Parsons
CTO of ThoughtWorks
Sam Newman
Author of O'Reilly's "Building Microservices"
Sebastien Goasguen
Leading Kubernetes efforts as Sr. Director, Cloud Technologies at Bitnami
Stefan Tilkov
Co-founder & Principal Consultant at innoQ
Stephen Carver
Lecturer, consultant & speaker in Project & Programme Management at Cranfield University School of Management
Stephen Colebourne
Engineering Lead at OpenGamma
Susanne Kaiser
CTO at Just Software
Willem Meints
Microsoft MVP and Technical Evangelist for Info Support
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