RESTful API Patterns and Practices
GOTO Amsterdam 2024

Tuesday Jun 11
11:25 –

RESTful API Patterns and Practices


The work of creating and maintaining an API program involves lots of things. Designing, Coding, Documenting, Building, Securing, Testing, Releasing, and more. In this talk, we'll cover dozens of proven API Patterns and practices that you can use to add stability and scalability to your API program.

Along with an introduction to the use of patterns in design and development, this talk will identify 75+ re-usable patterns covering API design, writing robust client apps, building reusable services, handling distributed data, and supporting general workflow across services and even organizations.

Whether you are primarily a designer, architect, developer, or maintainer, this talk can help you create flexible, resilient, implementations that solve real problems with clear, concise patterns.