GOTO Amsterdam 2022

Wednesday Jun 15
10:30 –

Loosely Coupled Lotteries and Cloudy Casinos: Nederlandse Loterij Case Study


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Trifork provides Nederlandse Loterij, which operates various lottery games and TOTO in The Netherlands, with a custom integration platform that provides several APIs to a wide variety of clients using a microservices architecture running on public cloud.

This year a completely new casino offering was added, with new regulations strongly focused on responsible gaming, thus requiring many new integrations to be added.

In this talk, Joris will discuss the lessons learned while building a scalable integration solution operating at the scale of one of the largest providers in The Netherlands.

Topics he'll cover might include:

  • How and why the code was split in approx. 30 different services
  • The importance of observability and how it was achieved
  • Robustness patterns that were applied
  • How to win the jackpot and retire a millionaire

Even when you don't happen to work on a lottery platform, you can bet on walking away with some important insights that you'll be able to apply to your own projects after attending this presentation!