GOTO Amsterdam 2022

Tuesday Jun 14
17:45 –

The Importance of Laughter


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Join us for a fun, uplifting and interesting conversation with Aino Vonge Corry and end the day with a good laugh.

In software development, we strive for inspection and adaptation. To make the best of this, we have to feel good about ourselves and with each other. Fun and laughter is something Aino has always tried to enhance in the places where she works, but only recently has she started looking into why it is helpful.

Diving into this subject, Aino was amazed by how big an impact fun and laughter can have on your social life, your wellbeing, and your energy levels.

In this talk, you'll learn:

  • Examples of fun and case studies from real life
  • How laughter affects your brain
  • Why you should have fun every day
  • Some new jokes

After her talk, Aino will stay on stage to sign her books for those of you who got your hands on a copy.