GOTO Amsterdam 2022

Monday Jun 13
15:30 –

Live Hacking: Breaking into Your Web App


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Join us for a captivating live hacking session with Brian Vermeer.

In Brian's opinion, open source modules are undoubtedly impressive. However, they also represent an undeniable and massive risk.

Within open source modules you are introducing someone else's code into your system, often with little or no scrutiny. The wrong package can introduce severe vulnerabilities into your application, exposing your application and your user's data.

This talk will use a sample application, Goof, which uses various vulnerable dependencies, which together with Brian, you'll exploit as an attacker would. For each issue, Brian will explain why it happened, show its impact, and – most importantly – see how to avoid or fix it. Brian will live hack exploits like the classic struts vulnerability that recently made it famous, along with Spring Break and several others.

In this talk, you'll learn:

  • That security is important. Not only for your own code but also the frameworks and libraries you depend on
  • What might happen when using outdated libraries with known vulnerabilities