Wednesday Jun 19
15:30 –
Berlage Zaal

Fast, Local Development for OpenShift Microservices (20 minutes)


When developing for a cloud environment, developers need to modify their workflows to interact with components that live remotely. They are often forced to rely on CI to see their changes in the cloud. Feedback cycles become slow, and the development experience is frustrating. There are options like Minishift or Minikube to solve the problem. Nevertheless, those options are bulky and consume a lot of resources in a developer workstation.

Another option is to emulate the cloud environment using Docker compose. That requires extra effort, and in many cases, it is not possible to fully replicate an environment this way. Telepresence is an Open Source tool that allows developers to do fast, local development using a single service while connecting to a remote Openshift (or Kubernetes) cluster. The local service has full access to other services in the remote cluster, to the Kuberntetes environment variables, secrets, and ConfigMap. And remote services have full access to their local service.

In this presentation, you'll learn the basics of Telepresence and how it can boost your productivity when developing microservices for Openshift.

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