Topic IoT: Brave New Smart World
GOTO Amsterdam 2018


Topic Description

Track Host: Preben Thorø

Is your child’s doll listening to their conversations? Is someone else controlling the heating in your house?

Everything nowadays seems to be “smart” and connected but are we prepared for the Internet of Things to be the new normal?

IoT no longer just means controlling a device from your smartphone. IoT equals ecosystems – some isolated, some connected, and some ready to be connected in a near future.

As more devices communicate with cloud-based systems, our world should be getting smarter but more connected devices also creates new unforeseen risks, with security being the most prevalent.

In this track, speakers will provide a 360-degree view on IoT covering topics like balancing security needs against intuitive user experience. We will look into the future of IoT and present concrete examples from the current world of connected devices and ecosystems.

Speakers on this topic