Tuesday Jun 19
16:10 –

How To Move Fast Without Breaking Everything


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A move to the cloud is not exactly what is seems. Firstly, a move to the cloud is a managerial challenge, not a technical one. Secondly, a move to the cloud lies at the entrepreneurial end of the management spectrum, a long way away from the conservative end of the spectrum. Finally, because a move to the cloud is both managerial and entrepreneurial, it requires hard work, creativity, courage and flexibility - four things that can be but often aren't nurtured.

In this talk, we'll explore strategic execution. We’ll take a deep dive into emergent strategy and the curse of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). We’ll look at reciprocal mental models and how they drive organisational telepathy. Finally, we'll look at Hermes, the Container Solutions toolkit for strategic execution. Hermes lets you avoid pitfalls, reduce risk, and taps into the best of Intel’s OKR system whilst jettisoning the curse of the quarterly cycle using an innovative approach that we call ‘terms and breaks’. An approach designed for complex strategic execution that not only allows for organisational learning but actively encourages it

Participants can expect to:

  • Learn about the dangers of the current fad around OKRs, and how to avoid them.
  • See how strategic design can be integrated into planning cycles to achieve beyond outstanding results.
  • Understand how organisational telepathy is developed and nurtured throughout the strategy cycle.
  • See how strategic execution and OKRs integrate with other organisational processes such as hiring, leadership development and coaching