Wednesday Jun 20
15:00 –

Applied AI: Real-World Use Cases for Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services

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Want to harness the power of machine learning, but don’t have a team of data scientists on staff? Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services API has you covered! Infuse your apps, websites, and bots with intelligent algorithms to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret your user needs – and use the language you feel comfortable with (JavaScript, Java, C#, Python, more!). Data Science and Machine Learning is just a single API call away.

In this talk, we’ll be walking through applied examples of Vision, Knowledge, Language, Speech, and Search. How can you use a smile unlock functionality in your website? Which pictures show a “cute fennec fox” versus a “cute red panda”? What does “Ich bin ein Berliner” mean in plain Mandarin? How many of the X-Men wear glasses? Learn the answers to these questions, and walk away with a collection of Jupyter notebooks with basic implementations of every Cognitive Service offering!

machine learning (ML)