GOTO Amsterdam 2018

Monday Jun 18
09:00 –
Rode Kamer

Ethereum, Smart Contract and dApp Development (Blockchain)

Introduction to Blockchain and Ethereum

  • Quick basic introduction to Blockchain
  • Ethereum specifics

Smart Contracts and dApps

  • Quick wrap up of what a smart contract is and misconceptions with regards to smart contracts
  • How does a smart contract work
  • What is the legal status of smart contracts

Introduction to Solidity

  • Language specifics
  • Code examples
  • Live coding session (code and deploy several smart contracts)

Hands-on smart contract and dApp development

  • Work together in groups to build a more sophisticated smart contract
  • Work together in groups to build a simple dApp


Programming experience in any major language is very helpfull; no prior blockchain/Ethereum specific knowledge required. To save time, please make sure you have google chrome on your laptop and please install the MetaMask plugin for the smart contracts. A local webserver is needed for the dApp part.