Effective Leadership in Challenging Collaborative Environments
GOTO Amsterdam 2018

Effective Leadership in Challenging Collaborative Environments

Monday Jun 18
09:00 –

This will be an exciting, challenging workshop using a very new approach designed to equip tech leaders and individuals in tough collaborative scenarios with a better understanding of how to manage teams, divisions and individuals in difficult day to day scenarios.

Particular concentration is given to illuminating options and stimulate thinking ‘outside the box’ in order to overcome issues brought on by fast paced, highly collaborative environments where interdependency is fundamental and getting to ‘perfect’ is near impossible.

The workshop uses cutting edge techniques and methods which have been successfully utilised at large organisations like The Economist, SpringerNature, the BBC and Zuhlke. It specifically draws from ideas and models originating in Eastern Philosophy.

Workshop Elements

The workshop will cover subjects like

  • Illuminating the Characteristics of Context
  • Dealing with Dark Collaboration
  • How and Why Politics Arises
  • The New Leadership Mindset
  • How to Create Options & ‘Outside the Box’ Solutions
    (This may be subject to change)

Who is this workshop for?

  • Leaders or individuals who want to get effective in tough collaborative scenarios in tech
  • Those interested in learning new and innovative ideas
  • Open minded individuals who just want to learn
  • People who are bored with the usual workshops on leadership