Topic Herding Cats: Inclusive Collaboration
GOTO Amsterdam 2017


Topic Description

Track Host: Katherine Kirk

In order to meet market demand, the whole hierarchy in organizations and companies are now having to collaborate across all levels - right up and down the decision chain.

In a world where we changed from teams with managers towards squads, tribes and leaders, developers and specialists decide what is going to happen together with management. What are the cool and proven changes? How can we work together in this new landscape?

In this track you will hear talks about how to deal effectively with day to day practical difficulties of collaborating with the people around you when it is tough or outside your comfort zone.

The Herding Cats track is in support of the not-for-profit Inclusive Collaboration Campaign (@inclusivecollab), founded by Dr Sal Freudenberg and Katherine Kirk, which calls upon collaboration practitioners and thinkers in the technology industry to share real experience, learnings and perspectives to help generate solutions that help in a very real and practical way.

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