Wednesday Jun 14
14:00 –

Feel the Hum of Your System


Long time ago, we used to run entire IT systems on a single computer. You could see, touch and hear how the system was doing - remember the sound of a spinning disk being 'just wrong', or when the interference of the network card on the sound system would tell you that there was network activity? Today when things go wrong, they can go badly wrong - and for a long time - before we realize what happened. In a world of microservices, devops and cloud, it is difficult to get a feel for your system. It’s difficult to feel the hum. You don’t know what to look for before it’s too late.

Kresten will provide ideas on how to design and monitor your systems and create a team culture to be able to react and monitor systems effectively. This is a talk from the trenches with real world examples of how bad things can go when you don’t feel your system; and what a bliss it can be it is to run a system when you do.