Tuesday Jun 13
16:10 –

Blockchain for Developers


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When the hype around Bitcoin subsided and people started to take a closer look, many quickly realized the tremendous potential of the underlying Blockchain technology. As ING is dedicated to staying a step ahead and always looking for solutions to better serve our customers, naturally we are actively working on Blockchain technology as well.

One area where we can definitely see great value of Blockchain technology is through the use of smart contracts. Within ING we are working on modelling a variety of financial products into smart contracts. This includes translating legal prose into code, incorporating large numbers of conditions, connecting contracts to external data sources for verification and then executing these contracts between multiple parties in one atomic action.

In this talk Peter Penning and Cees van Wijk will explain how Blockchain works, why it's fundamentally new, how it's used at ING and they'll give an overview of some of the most popular blockchain platforms.

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