Charity Majors
Speaker at GOTO Amsterdam 2024

Charity Majors is a software engineer and technology entrepreneur. She is the cofounder and CTO of Honeycomb. Previously she was an engineer at Parse and Facebook. At Honeycomb, she works on debugging platforms and apps, for collaborative problem solving for users. Charity is the co-author of Observability Engineering and Database Reliability Engineering (O'Reilly), and is devoted to creating a world where every engineer is on call and nobody thinks on call sucks.

Formerly, she has managed a team of production engineers responsible for the care and feeding of over one million mobile apps - infrastructure, DBA, automation, incident response, continuous deploy pipelines, design and architecture for new services, with Facebook. Charity likes free speech, software and providing solutions... and that's how she works.

Topic focus: how great teams are forged

A few of Charity’s books:

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