GOTO Amsterdam 2023

Wednesday Jun 28
14:20 –

Architecting Design Token Systems With CSS Custom Properties

As a developer with a keen interest in design, you know that creating scalable and maintainable design systems is essential to delivering high-quality, consistent user experiences. In this talk, Stephen Hay will help you master the use of design tokens and CSS custom properties to achieve this goal.

We'll dive deep into structuring design token systems, including creating scales and palettes, and making tokens adaptable for various scenarios. You'll learn how to use these powerful tools to create flexible and adaptable design systems that can accommodate different brand identities, accessibility requirements, and user preferences.

By the end of the talk, you'll gain a new perspective into how to architect design token systems with CSS custom properties. You'll be one step further in your ability to create scalable design systems that are easy to maintain, meet designers' needs, are delightful to use, and—let's be honest—fun to build.