GOTO Amsterdam 2022

Tuesday Jun 14
15:30 –

Once Upon a Time in Agile

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John will show you how changing a team is exactly what gets in the way of a team changing.

He's focused on helping organizations create an environment that fosters safety facilitating creative collaboration.

Stories are the foundation of the human experience. They are what define us, individually and collectively. They engage us, entertain us, bring us together and drive us apart. What stories do you tell about you? Who knows your stories? Everyone? Perhaps just a select few? Maybe, just you.

In this session, we explore how our individual journeys to self-acceptance and alignment are also the heart of how we can work with and support teams. We will learn about how to truly help teams move towards agility, by helping them find and own their process and tell their own story. So they stay aligned and can continually realign when their context changes.

You'll learn:

Why authenticity and self-acceptance matters for both individuals and teams How to create lasting change in teams, without imposing process or creating learned helplessness. How to help teams own their process and tell their own story.