GOTO Amsterdam 2022

Tuesday Jun 14
14:20 –

Dynamic Observability: The Quest for Real-Time Data In Cloud-Native Applications


Application observability is significantly evolving as organizations demand more flexibility in the way they monitor and observe their applications. Due to the distributed and Cloud-Native nature of their apps, engineers are having higher expectations from their observability toolchain in order to ensure their applications continue to operate to perfection.

As such, the need to be able to get real-time data from their system has become essential.

Dynamic observability takes this a step further. Not only can developers ask real-time questions about what’s happening with a running system, but they are also able to get real-time answers.

In this talk, we’ll dive into what dynamic observability is, discuss why it’s important, and cover how it’s reshaping the way developers find and solve software issues in their applications. Ultimately, we’ll show you how dynamic observability is the latest (and best option) in helping your team make better and more informed decisions to resolve issues faster.