GOTO Amsterdam 2022

Wednesday Jun 15
14:20 –

From Monolith to State-of-the-Art Banking


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Migrating legacy software is a task every software engineer will do once in their life. But when we are talking about migrating every single customer of a fast scaling bank to a brand new software platform, without any downtime or inconsistency, this is another beast entirely. Add to the recipe a ticking-time bomb and you get the challenge that Solarisbank went through in 2021, culminating after 3 years of building our new homemade Core-Banking system. Lets take a look back at how we did this, from planning to running parallel system, to the very final weeks of a stretched software and data migration.

We will talk about:

  • Architecting your platform for scale
  • Data migration and data reconciliation
  • Executing an organization wide migration without downtime or noise