GOTO Amsterdam 2022

Wednesday Jun 15
10:30 –

11 Years of Technology From the Trenches

Just 11 short years ago, Docker was a dream, the JavaScript world a nightmare and monolithic systems were everywhere.

In 2021, we are building modular systems, deployed in containers, run automagically by schedulers which live on someone else’s computer.

James has been a developer and member of the ThoughtWorks Tech Radar group during these turbulent times. The Radar is a unique resource mapping insights from developers working on real-world problems all over the world.

In his talk, James takes a look back over the last decade, at the technology shifts that have occurred and makes some guesses on where we might be going in the next decade. Whilst new and shiny are always exciting, it’s good to know your history

In this talk, you'll learn:

  • You'll learn about the history of the technologies that are currently in fashion
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