Kubernetes, Your Next Java App Server
GOTO Amsterdam 2022

Monday Jun 13
11:20 –

Kubernetes, Your Next Java App Server

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In the Java ecosystem, we have historically been enamored by the concept of the “Application Server", the runtime engine that not only gave us portable APIs (e.g. JMS, JAX-RS, JSF, EJB) but also gave us critical runtime infrastructure for things like farm deployments, configuration, load-balancing, fail-over, distributed management and monitoring.

In this session, Burr Sutter will demonstrate how Kubernetes and OpenShift give you the critical runtime infrastructure you need for JVM-based applications.

This is whether they are Java EE, Spring, MicroProfile, Vert.x, Kotlin, etc. because in a cloud-native world, your APIs can be whatever best fit your project’s requirements.

In this talk, you'll learn:

  • How Kubernetes has become the defacto standard application platform