Chris Matts
Emergent Behaviour
Speaker at GOTO Amsterdam 2018

Chris Matts has been an active member of the Agile Community since 2003. Chris started his career as a developer and switched to Business Analysis and Management in 1995. Chris regularly presents at Agile conferences across Europe. He is a fellow of the Lean System Society but doesn't know why.

Chris is the co-author of “Commitment, novel about project risk”, contributor to “Leading Business Analysis”. Chris created the team that wrote the Agile Extension to the Business Analysis Book of Knowledge.

He is the creator of Real Options, Staff Liquidity, Feature Injection and co-creator of the Given-When-Then pattern with Dan North. The Given-When-Then pattern is the underlying idea behind Cucumber, JBehave, rSpec and SpecFlow. Chris and his colleagues at Skype developed Capacity Planning, a scaling framework to manage collaboration of 150 Product Owners.

Talks at GOTO Amsterdam 2018