Wednesday Jun 14
14:00 –

How to Win Hearts & Minds - The Lessons Learned from Electoral Politics

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Every office, every project, every team has its ‘political’ moments where sides are drawn and a solution seems impossible to agree.

In this talk we will share the methods used in political campaigns and show how they can be applied to the workplace to help you achieve your goals.

We’ll talk about three tools taken from Electoral Politics: Segmentation, Vision and Polling. These three tools are about how communication can be used to ‘win hearts and minds’ by breaking down barriers and generating momentum through the creation of common ground.

These tools share the fundamental idea; that “Everything Communicates”. We will explore this and look at how to apply this principle to focus your efforts for success.

We’ll address the problems that are created by “perception versus reality” so you can minimise the opportunities for misinformation and confusion among the people involved.

Finally, we’ll tie all of the campaign tools we have shared together with the concept of ‘define - deliver - claim’. This will enable you to build a calendar of activities that strengthen belief in the benefits of what you are seeking to achieve. Your commitment to a regular cadence of delivering on your promise that proves what you say is what you do will build momentum for your victory.

Our presentation is designed to give you tools that you can put into practice immediately - all designed to show you how much influence you have if you remain focused and principled in everything you do.