Daria Hvizdalova
Speaker at GOTO Amsterdam 2023

Daria co-founded Mainware, a software company for industrial maintenance management, and is a visiting lecturer on AI in Business Processes at the European School of Business and Management. She has two passions in her life, technology and education, and is on a mission to disrupt both via 42 Prague, a non-profit free peer-to-peer coding institution, member of 42 Network, where she served as a CEO and now as a board member. She is a public speaker on technology, innovation, AI, and robotics who has spoken at various conferences, including TEDx, Hannover Messe, and World Summit AI. She served as a PM and Local Chair of Human-Level AI 2018, which is the world's biggest academic multi-conference aimed at advancing the creation of thinking machines with general intelligence at the human level and beyond. This year, Daria has been featured as Forbes 30 under 30 - a selection of inspirational millennials from art, business, sport, and medicine.

Talks at GOTO Amsterdam 2023