Bert Hubert
Speaker at GOTO Amsterdam 2023

Talks at GOTO Amsterdam 2023

He was a humble physics expert, who dropped studies midway, and soon became a published scientist! Bert started his career by hacking the first cable Internet provider in his university town of Delft, and accepting a contracting job there to improve things. As part of the original team, he helped scale Casema Internet from 50 to 50000 users – a very large number at the time. He was also co-founder of a joint venture with Fox-IT (computer and network security).

Bert then did DNA research for a year and a half at TU Delft (Bionanoscience), which eventually resulted in two scientific publications, both in Nature journals and in Nature Scientific Data.

Nowadays, Bert writes and speaks a lot about cybersecurity, high-tech, innovation, energy, molecular biology and technology. In 2022 he made the news with his app Googerteller (Google clicker).