Sander Hoogendoorn
Speaker at GOTO Amsterdam 2023

Sander is an independent dad, speaker, writer, and traveler. He has been writing code since 1984 and still codes every day. He is a serial CTO, currently at e-commerce iBOOD, before at software vendor ANVA, and at insurer Klaverblad Verkeringen. Sander is a code philosopher, agilist, and operated as Capgemini's global agile thought leader before going freelance in 2015. Following his adagio that small steps are the fastest way forward, Sander helps to empower organizations, teams, and individuals, and to disrupt their ways of working, technology, architectures, and code. He has authored various books and published tons of articles.

Sander is a well-known and inspiring keynote speaker at international conferences on diverse topics such as disruption, culture, (beyond) agile, continuous delivery, microteams, monads, software architecture, microservices, and writing beautiful code. Tools do not solve problems, thinking does.

Topic focus: Architecture

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Talks at GOTO Amsterdam 2023