Garth Gilmour
Speaker at GOTO Amsterdam 2019

'Head of Learning' at Instil, Garth delivered over 1,000 training events and author of over 40 training courses. He started teaching C++ to C coders, then Java to C++ coders, then C# to Java coders and now teaches everything to everybody, but specializes in Kotlin.

Garth is Ireland's most experienced software trainer, working in software development for more than 23 years. He speaks frequently at meetups, presents at conferences, accompanied by Eamonn Boyle, and co-organizes the Belfast BASH series of developer events.

He provides courses for developers with expert instructor-led training, that helps developers and organisations stay ahead on the latest languages, frameworks and industry best practices. Delivered directly, virtually, globally. He now trains, blogs, and coaches full-time. Another humble tech guru.

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