Emily Gorcenski
Speaker at GOTO Amsterdam 2019

Data scientist by profession, a mathematician and engineer by training and an activist by passion.

Emily has over ten years of experience in scientific computing and engineering research and development. She has a background in mathematical analysis, with a focus on probability theory and numerical analysis. She is currently working in Python development, though she has a background that includes C#/.Net, Unity3D, SQL, and MATLAB. In addition, she has experience in statistics and experimental design, and has served as principal investigator in clinical research projects.

She is currently head of data at ThoughtWorks in Germany. There she is advising clients in a variety of technology development efforts in the data science space.

Catch her at GOTO Amsterdam together with Em Grasmeder, where they will hold a full day of masterclass on continuous delivery for machine learning.

Masterclasses at GOTO Amsterdam 2019