Nicki Watt
Speaker at GOTO Amsterdam 2019

Nicki is the chief technology officer for OpenCredo responsible for the overall direction and leadership of technical engagements. A techie at heart, her core expertise lie in problem solving and enabling pragmatic, practical solutions.

Over the years at OpenCredo Nicki has worn many hats which has included the development, delivery and leading of large scale platform and application development projects involving cloud, DevOps and Data. Nicki is also co-author of the book Neo4J in Action.

She is a firm believer in a hands on, pragmatic approach to delivering business value for clients, she actively engage with teams and clients to solve and address challenging problems. Focus areas include cloud, data engineering and distributed systems architectures (including containers and PaaS). Nicki is a techie at heart who still loves coding and always looks to push boundaries and challenge the status quo. Over the years she has been involved in successfully leading and delivering a variety of different business critical projects spanning a broad range of industries and technologies, including enterprise organisations and startups.

Talks at GOTO Amsterdam 2019