GOTO Amsterdam 2022

Sunday Jun 12
09:00 –
"Roland Holst kamr

Service Mesh - a Practical Introduction to the Smart Network for Microservices

A service mesh is the next logical step for microservice infrastructure. It adds features such as monitoring, routing, resilience and security to all services. What makes it special is that it does not require a common asset such as an API gateway or libraries integrated into each service. A typical implementation consists of service proxies, which are provided in a separate container next to each microservice instance. The proxies intercept the incoming and outgoing traffic of each microservice and can, for example, send metadata to a monitoring system or establish mutually authenticated connections. This approach not only frees development teams from implementing such functions, but also enables consistent monitoring and control of microservices.

In this workshop, participants configure a service mesh for an exemplary microservice application and explore its functions in various exercises. The goal is to learn about the architecture of a service mesh and its advantages and disadvantages in order to make the right decision on how to use service meshes.

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