GOTO Night with Adi Polak
Online GOTO Night

GOTO Nights are a series of community meetups that cover a variety of tech topics by our industry's top creators, builders and thought leaders.

Each event includes an educational and inspirational talk paired with a Q&A and a chance for attendees to network with like-minded developers in a casual environment.

Tuesday Nov 2
17:00 –

GOTO Night with Adi Polak

Join us for the GOTO Night "What came first? The Machine Learning or the Data" with Adi Polak. This GOTO Night is focused on the importance of data, how it impacts machine learning in the industry and how Apache Spark helps us solve most of it.

Date: November 2
Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm CET
Location: Zoom


5:00pm - Welcome to this GOTO Night with Adi Polak
5:05pm - Adi Polak will present her subject of the day
5:30pm - Live Q&A with Adi Polak
5:55pm - Thank you for joining us for this GOTO Night


With the buzz about all the latest advances in machine learning, data scientists are in high demand. All companies want to innovate by developing recommendation systems, fraud detection, sentiment analysis, and more. We sometimes forget about the backbone of it all, the one that fuels the machine learning engine, data. How does data impact our machine learning performance, and what are the known problems? It's time to talk about overfitting, big data, and advanced tools such as Apache Spark. Join this session to learn about the importance of data, how it impacts machine learning in the industry and how Apache Spark helps us solve most of it!

About the speaker

Adi Polak is a Sr. Software Engineer and Developer Advocate in the Azure Engineering organization at Microsoft. Her work focuses on distributed systems, big data analysis, and scalable machine learning. In her advocacy work, she brings her vast industry research & engineering experience to bear in educating and helping teams design, architect, and build cost-effective software and infrastructure solutions that emphasize scalability, team expertise, and business goals. Adi is a frequent presenter at worldwide industry conferences, O’Reilly author, and technical instructor. When Adi isn’t building Machine Learning Pipelines or thinking up new software architecture, you can find her hiking and camping in nature.

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