Common Misconceptions around Agility
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Tuesday Jun 29
16:00 –

Common Misconceptions around Agility

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Organizations often struggle with getting agility working for them. Expectations like getting a more efficient operation aren't satisfied, even after huge agile transformation investments; teams don't operate as self-managed as promised and still need a lot of guidance; predictions for when things will be completed aren't getting better; and the happiness of the customers and employees doesn't rise many-fold. In this session the participants will bring their "agile problems" along (preparation necessary), and together we will see if they are based on some of these misconceptions on what agile can bring to the table, what we can do about it.

Who is this event for?

  • CTOs & CIO
  • VPs / Heads / Directors of Engineering
  • VPs / Heads / Directors of Information Technology
  • Software Architects

Please join us for a wonderful chance to share experiences, to inspire and get inspired.

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