Software Architecture in the 2020s
Round Table Discussions

GOTO Virtual Round Tables are curated discussions tailored for leaders in the software industry. During the discussions, one of our GOTO experts will moderate and encourage no more than 10 attendees to explore a specific topic.

Prepare to connect with like-minded leaders and share learnings while sparking ideas that help move the software community forward.

Wednesday Mar 10
15:00 –

Software Architecture in the 2020s

"Software Architecture in the 2020s"

What do we talk about when we talk about software architecture? We talk about technology, we talk about people, we talk about culture, we talk about patterns, we talk about tools, we talk about process, we talk about product, we talk about cost.

In this roundtable, we're going to talk about what trends we see and what trends we hope to see in this decade in the world of software architecture. How do we see people thinking about architecture? How do we see organisations relating to architecture? What practices do we hope will become more popular? What mindsets do we hope will become less popular?

Who is this event for?
VPs / Heads / Directors of Engineering
VPs / Heads / Directors of Information Technology
Software Architects