Data-Driven A Layered Approach to Progressive Delivery
Online GOTO Night

GOTO Nights are a series of community meetups that cover a variety of tech topics by our industry's top creators, builders and thought leaders.

Each event includes an educational and inspirational talk paired with a Q&A and a chance for attendees to network with like-minded developers in a casual environment.

Tuesday May 4
17:00 –

Data-Driven A Layered Approach to Progressive Delivery

Join us for the online meetup "Data-Driven A Layered Approach to Progressive Delivery: Build Your Way to Faster, Safer, Smarter Releases" with Dave Karow. This GOTO night is focused on Progresive Delivery and a powerful model for layering higher-value benefits.

About the event

Progressive Delivery is the practice of decoupling deploy from release, allowing changes to be safely pushed all the way to production and verified there before releasing to users. Selectively dialling up and down the exposure of code in production without a new deploy, rollback, or hotfix is the foundation of Progressive Delivery, but the higher-level benefits of safety and fast feedback come from layering practices on top of that.


17:00 | Welcome to this GOTO Night with Dave Karow
17:05 | Dave Karow will present his subject of the day
17:30 | Live Q&A with Dave Karow
17:55 | Thank you for joining us for this GOTO Night

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