Software Engineering in 100 Years Time
Online GOTO Night

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Thursday Nov 5
18:00 –

Software Engineering in 100 Years Time

About the event

If we were to more clearly define our discipline what would that look like? If “Software Engineering” is real “Engineering” then wouldn't we expect the principles to be long-lasting, durable and probably unsurprising.

What sort of ideas will be as true of “Software Engineering” in 100 years time as they are today? What are the foundations on which we could begin to build a true Engineering discipline for our profession?

This talk explores some of those ideas and describes why Continuous Delivery may be the best starting point that we have for that.


18.00 | Welcome to this GOTO Night with Dave Farley
18.05 | Dave Farley’s talk begins
18.30 | Live Q&A session with Dave Farley
18:55 | Thank you for joining us in this GOTO Night