Ask Me Anything with Dave Karow
Ask Me Anything

GOTO AMAs are events held on Slack or Youtube where you, our community, get to spend one hour with our GOTO experts getting all your burning technical questions answered.

Wednesday Feb 3
16:00 –

Ask Me Anything with Dave Karow

Join us in this Ask Me Anything session (AMA) with Dave Karow on Slack and have him answer any burning technical questions you can think of around Progressive Delivery, Feature Flags/Feature Toggles, Experimentation Platforms, A/B Testing, Continuous Delivery, Strangler pattern/branch by abstraction (gradual, in-place migration from legacy to modern architecture)!

Please note: We encourage you to join Dave's Slack channel in the GOTO Conferences Slack workspace, introduce yourself, and ask your questions before the event starts. This way, we can make full use of the hour with our expert, Dave Karow.

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