Eamonn Boyle
Speaker at GOTO Amsterdam 2021

Eamonn, accompanied by Garth, will dive into the newest trends you need to know.

Boyle has over 15 years working as a developer, architect and team lead. For the last 2.5 years he’s been working as a full-time trainer and coach, authoring and delivering courses on a range of topics to a broad range of delegates. These include paradigms and technologies from core language skills, frameworks to tools and processes. Experienced developer, architect and team lead.

He has also spoken at a number of events and meetups including .NET Developer Guild, BASH and GDG Dublin and aided in the delivery of workshops at KotlinConf, GOTO Amsterdam and RebelCon.

Topic focus: Programming

In their talk, Eamonn and Garth will go out of their comfort zone and recreate a Breakout clone for the browser using KotlinJS. During their masterclass, the two will teach you how coroutines simplify asynchronous workflows and concurrency. You'll also learn how interoperability with TypeScript allows you to leverage existing JS libraries in a strongly typed way.

Talks at GOTO Amsterdam 2021

Masterclasses at GOTO Amsterdam 2021

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