Retrospectives Facilitation Masterclass Taster
GOTO Taster Session

GOTO Masterclass Tasters are one or two hours free of charge sessions which give an introduction to a particular masterclass topic led by a GOTO expert. The sessions include theory as well as hands-on exercises, demos and Q&A.

Tuesday Apr 20
16:00 –

Retrospectives Facilitation Masterclass Taster


Join us in this free 1-hour "Retrospectives Facilitation" masterclass taster hosted by Trifork’s Java Developer, Ralina Talipova, and led by a retrospectives expert, Aino Vonge Corry. During this session, you'll be given a practical introduction to the successful execution of retrospectives.

The taster consists of a presentation, hands-on exercise, and Q&A session, and will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to retrospectives
  • Patterns & Antipatterns
  • Facilitation skills

** All topics and much more are covered in-depth in the 2-day Retrospective Facilitation masterclass **

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