Retrospectives Facilitation
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Wednesday May 19
09:00 –
Thursday May 20

Retrospectives Facilitation

Why should you attend? Retrospectives are all about making your team better. Working with agile development you know that it is an important part of the process to continually reflect on, adjust, and improve your work process. Unfortunately, some retrospectives are facilitated in a way so that they are wasting time instead of being the rewarding learning process they should be.

This workshop provides an introduction and a practical approach to retrospectives facilitation. There will be an introduction to the concept, activities, motivation, and challenges. Participants will get an opportunity to try the techniques in practice and discuss their own experiences and get advice on specific problems from their everyday lives.

We will look at decision making, body language, the psychology behind retrospectives, online retrospectives, different types of retrospectives for different situations, and you will be able to get feedback on how you facilitate if you wish to.

Agenda Day 1: In the morning Aino will give an overview of the content and we create a plan for what to focus on based on your expectations. Initially, the plan is to focus on body language, psychology, team building, decision making, structuring meetings in general, and common challenges in retrospectives offline as well as online. In the afternoon Aino will share anecdotes about facilitating retrospectives, and based on these anecdotes she will focus on different patterns and antipatterns (lack of body language, brainstorm online, decision making online, how to follow up when you are not colocated afterward, how to make sure everyone is heard, etc.) We might also look at different technologies to support online retrospectives if there is an interest in this. Agenda Day 2: Attendees who have prepared an activity will facilitate this activity using everyone else present as attendees. They will get feedback from Aino and the rest of the group on a choice of activity, explanation of activity, facilitation skills, and interaction. Between the activities, we will have meta-discussions about why some things work and other things don't work. Target Audience Retrospectives facilitators, either novices or experienced who need new input.

Are there any prerequisites? We recommend that you have read Diana Larsen and Esther Derby's book 'Agile Retrospectives' before the workshop.

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