Tuesday Jun 9
15:30 –
Location: Veilingzaal

Running Kafka on Kube the native way with operators

We all know Apache Kafka is a scalable and reliable way to flow streams of event between applications. But how do you keep these benefits when running it on a Kubernetes system? You need to be a domain expert on how to get Kafka and Kubernetes to work in harmony together, or find someone who is! That's where operators come in. A Kafka operator brings domain-specific knowledge to deploy and manage Kafka in a Kube-native way. Strimzi is an open-source Kubernetes operator I will cover the key aspects of Kubernetes and Kafka you need to get right to deploy one onto the other and talk about how using an operator makes this easier. Using the open-source Kubernetes operator, Strimzi, as an exampleI will show how to manage Kafka effectively and set you on the right path for getting Kafka, or any other workload for that matter, deployed to Kubernetes the native way. If you are curious about how operators can make managing Kafka easier, or are looking to deploy Kafka on Kubernetes this is the talk for you.

What will the audience learn from this talk?
From this talk the audience will learn how operators work and what benefits they provide for workloads like Kafka. It will provide insight for both developers who want to specifically run Kafka on Kubernetes and for those who are looking to understand the advantages of operators for other workloads.

Does it feature code examples and/or live coding?
The talk will feature code examples from the open-source operator Strimzi.

Prerequisite attendee experience level:
Level 200

Katherine Stanley
Software Engineer at IBM Event Streams
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